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Mr. Facebook is offering recaps (so I can get to be repetitive about my stuff 🙂 ). Better still! Martin Olsson is a sound engineer and he has promised me that I may blog about our collaboration with my thaw in the film ”Patient Otherwise Healthy and Alert”. Read it here:
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difficult to continue to blog without any feedback. Then came the idea of trying to leave the old routine I’d got stuck in. How to do that? Well, I then suddenly got a comment, an approval. Someone had been to the film festival ”Driving Us Crazy”, and seen the many films with their own stories, or listened to the interviews. Not just one but two people dared to seek friendship with me via Facebook, and I asked ”why”.

The pieces fell into place when a sound engineer got an old post in the recaps from a previous year. The sound engineer was not just anyone, but the same Martin who had been sitting quietly in the back seat on the trip to the former Restad Hospital on September 12, 2013. We had never seen each other before. I had been promised a study visit at the hospital by the project manager at The Gyllenkroken Foundation, and possibly a ”youtube” clip for five minutes. Apparently you can get a lot said in five minutes! This made me nervous. How do you tell such an important story, and where in this large hospital area, in such a short time? I had been to four different wards because of how they felt I was getting better or worse. I had only to go with the nurses without any information whatsoever.

The pieces fell into place with Martin’s own wordless film from 2010 of a thaw in the Göta River in Gothenburg. The river runs right through the city. There’s my association to the year 1955 and the Gothenburg College of Nursing. We had come to psychiatry in the theoretical training and a doctor told a joke:

”The border between neurosis and psychosis runs on the Bridge of the Göta River.”

Simple as that to realise for the initiated. The Psychiatric Clinic is within the Sahlgrenska University Hospital area. The mental hospital was at that time far from the town center, out on Hisingen, and was one of the biggest: The Lillhagen Hospital. There was also St Jorgens Hospital. What year they got English names I don’t remember. The shame was in the walls. The shame was not reduced by replacing the words.

So now it’s thaw! The break-up of the ice! More and more people worldwide are taking control of their own situation, and protest against the abuse that they’ve suffered through the life-long diagnoses, stigma and detention. To me, the international film festival during the days of 16-18 October at the Big Theatre in Gothenburg, came as a positive shock. To say the least. The pieces fell into place! It was a remarkable thaw in me, which was recordable for the perceptive! Sure, every year there’s spring, summer and autumn as well. Of course. But now it’s about the Göta River and the border between neurosis and psychosis, which ran on the Bridge of the Göta River in Gothenburg.

In the Stockholm area there’s an association for bipolar disorder called ”Balance”. In the Gothenburg area it’s called ”IBIS”. I’ve been a paying member for two years. Each lecture evening without membership cost 50 Swedish krona. So then I became a member. There’s an association for schizophrenia too. Or for other kinds of illnesses. It has become thaw! You can hear the sound of all the small ice floes, whirling away towards the sea.

Martin Olsson, who filmed a thaw without words, has given me the permission to share this experience. Many, many years ago we got a message during the Hönö Conference, that someone in the assembly was bitter. Afterwards I revealed it was me, and I also said why. There was no thaw that time, but a man told me privately that he’d had a vision. He had seen my cross inside the ice. The Bible says that each one of us has his own cross to bear. But he had seen my cross inside the ice.

The years have gone by and it has become permissible to speak of psychiatric diagnoses. But we who wanted to go out into the community with information would have had to be done with our emotions, and we had to be positive to psychiatric care.

How can someone help others, which is not helped herself? How many self-help books are there?

(In all of my previous blog entries you can see from where I’ve got my help.)

Thaw; the break-up of the ice – film by Martin Olsson


Författare: Gunnel

Västgöte, uppvuxen på landet i en trygg, god miljö, fri att välja yrke och församlingstillhörighet, bromsad i alla framtidsdrömmar genom sjukdom, en fighter, som fått börja om på nytt hur många gånger som helst. Än sen då? Rak, orubblig och envis. Jag har kämpat trons goda kamp också och älskar Paulus för hans rika bildspråk och förmåga att undervisa om Kristus som uppstånden och den levande mitt ibland oss. Debattglad. Eller "Gud vare tack att den tiden är förbi......."

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